We are the solution to all your technical and industrial problems. As a service enterprise we offer our customers whatever they are looking for.

We structure our teams according to your requirements to offer you the best solutions. You benefit from our profound experience in realizing large-scale projects for national and international customers.

We plan our service times according to your wishes and your internal production schedules. After production, night-time, weekend or downtime.

We have all  required permissions and certificates.


PEKO GmbH´s intention is to:

  • deliver services which meet our customers´ needs and expectations
  • continuously develop and improve our services
  • keep up high and positive motivation of our staff
  • perform economically in order to keep up the business and the number of jobs
  • consider environmental requirements for service and production at an optimum
  • meet work safety and health requirements at an optimum and reduce work incidents and accidents
  • constantly improve work safety, health benefits, and enviroment protection standards

Company Policy:

The quality and reliabilty of our services is the basis of our market success. We include quality in all our products and services.
Any work safety and health requirements , as well as environment protection are basic accessories in our planning.
New staff are thoroughly trained.

Regular meetings guarantee a high rate of knowledge on all levels.
All staff have an awareness that their own personal standards define the company success.
It is everybody´s duty to report dangerous situations, and it is everybody´s right to have potential dangers removed.

PEKO GmbH´s most important criterion is the acceptance and satisfaction of clients and staff.
It is our demand to improve our customers´trust in the company by delivering highest quality and an optimum customer service.
Meeting customer expectations and fulfilling arranged conditions, as well as our excellent service are the best recommendations for future business relations.

Company policy, the realization of projects, production and services, environment standards, work safety , and health protection are liable to legal regulations at any time. We permanently and systematically investigate, check, and improve all requirements in order to guarantee best standard and legal conformity.

We therefore indulge in:

  • Fully satifsfying our customers and equally keeping our staff motivated
  • Qualifying ourstaff by in house and external schooling
  • Permant know-how exchange
  • Making all parties equally participate in company´s improvement strategies
  • Continuously improving work safety and related measures
  • Meeting all required legal standards

Our clearly formulated corporate policy ensures the long-term success of the company. Our concrete goals are redefined and updated every year. Through these clearly defined and measurable goals we create the basis for transparency and consistent understanding of the processes as well as the dependencies and interactions between the individual departments.
The management ensures that the corporate policy and the resulting objectives for the continuous improvement of product and service quality are aligned with the strategic orientations and the context of the organization as well as the interests of its claimants and are, as far as possible, fully compatible.
Our goals are based on corporate policy, legal and other binding obligations, identified market requirements, current environmental aspects, environmental report, analysis of risks and opportunities, management evaluation, continuous improvement as well as performance and profit orientation.

Joint statement about safety and health at the workplace:

For us, the safety and well-being of our employees is our main priority, without which we would not be able to achieve economic success in the long run.

Therefore, safety and health always take precedence over other business goals such as cost-effectiveness, quality and environmental protection. In case of danger to the life and health of employees, activities must be ceased immediately!

The management takes all the necessary measures to provide safe and healthy work environments and tries to prevent accidents and illnesses in the workplace.

During the planning of processes, facilities and the procurement of work equipment, hazards are assessed beforehand, dangers are eliminated as best as possible and risks are minimized to achieve the best probable outcome.

Compliance with legal and contractual requirements is minimum standard for us and for all activities. On this basis, we strive for a continuous improvement of our SGA management system and our health and safety performance.

Our executives are committed to exemplary behavior. They inform their employees about hazards, protective measures and legal obligations and monitor the observance of protective measures and compliance with instructions. This also flows into their evaluation.

If you have any questions, issues or concerns please feel free to talk to us our door is always open.

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